Economic Activity and Venue Charges & Salaries reports.

Every two years PAC Australia produces two key benchmarking reports – our Economic Activity report and our Venue Charges & Salaries report. 

These documents provide key insights into the current operating frameworks of Australian performing arts centres and the nature and scope of the cultural and community activity taking place across the country.

This allows centres to benchmark their organisations against the national landscape and is essential reading for anyone involved in the planning of new performance spaces and programs or the redevelopment of existing spaces.

The biennial benchmarking reports are critical tools for the industry to look at things like utilisation of the venues, financial inputs and outputs, employment levels, management models, ticketing systems, salaries and charges, programming and entrepreneurial activity.

PAC Australia venue members will be sent a link to complete two online surveys to allow us to gather information. Members are obliged to complete the surveys and will receive the benchmarking reports free of charge. Members not completing the survey will be charged a fee of $550 to access the reports.

The effectiveness of the reports is linked to the number of members completing the survey, as such, we strongly urge to take the time to participate. A PDF of the survey is available here to assist you with preparing information. An Excel version is available here.

A PDF of survey 2 is available here.


New in 2018 …      

In 2018 we’re partnering with CircuitWest to present the reports in an online format with a data query function. This means that you’ll be able to search the information for similar centres and compare standards such as staffing levels, salaries, turnover, attendance, levels of entrepreneurial activity etc.

And later in 2018 we’re prototyping a model that will combine this information with Culture Counts, a tool for measuring cultural impact. This means that you’ll be able to compare impact and investment across multiple events. We reckon this will be a game changer in supporting programming decisions and particularly valuable when working with local government.

To enable this to happen we require members to submit ‘event level’ data, in addition to the online survey.

This means sending us show-by-show information concerning the name of the Producer/Promoter, Date of performance, Number of performances, No. of seats/tickets available per performance (event capacity) and whether the show was Professional or Community/Amateur?


Making the most of your data …      

PAC Australia and LPA are working together to develop a coordinated approach to annually collect your ticket attendance and revenue event level data that avoids duplication and eases the administrative burden on you.

PAC Australia is also working with the Performing Arts Touring Alliance [PATA] and will use the data gathered to provide evidence and advocate the value of touring across Australia.


The important bit …

To enable the gathering of event level data in the easiest way possible for you, we ask that you:

  1. Complete the excel spreadsheet available via the below link (in addition to the online survey); OR
  2. Export and amend an excel spreadsheet from your venue’s ticketing or event management system that meets the data requirements requested. Refer to the instructions and sample template via the below link for further information on the data requested.
  3. Submit your data to PAC Australia ( .

Click here to download the Event Level Data Template and Guidelines Spreadsheet.

In addition to PAC Australia’s benchmarking reports the figures provided will be reported in LPA’s Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey (Supplementary Report). The results of this report are used extensively by the industry, media and government when referring to the value of the live performance industry in Australia.



Should you have any questions with regard to completing the excel spreadsheet or how this data will be used, please contact LPA Senior Policy Advisor, Holly Crain at hcrain[at] or (03) 8614 2000 at any time.

For questions about the  PAC Australia online survey please contact