Making Space is our annual Performing Arts Conference presented for the first time under our new name Performing Arts Connections (PAC) Australia (formerly APACA).

Making Space is a gathering where people and performance come together. The conference is a chance to share, discuss and learn about the stuff going on in our industry right now, from around the corner and around the world. The performing arts exchange, which precedes the conference, is a time to see and talk about shows and creative projects that are both in development and ready to tour; an arts market that’s built on relationships and connecting.

In 2018 the conference will take place in Karratha WA at the brand new Red Earth Arts Precinct during the Red Earth Arts Festival. In this vast stunning place you’ll connect with some of the oldest and newest art on the planet. The conference theme Making Space, focuses on identity and place – How place informs the art we make and how the art we make and present contributes to place and a sense of identity. This is about ensuring what we do is relevant and resonates with the audiences in the communities in which we live.

We’ll look at the resurgence in creating work in regional spaces; making a genuine connection with communities and enabling the telling of local stories. 

We’ll tackle the challenge of building resilient organisations and teams in and discover some tools  to help us cope and manage the high-pressure environments in which we work.

We’ll question how we weave empathy, understanding and tolerance into civic responsibility.

Making Space is a conference about where we live with a local and global perspective.

Make space in your diary to join this experience that is as much an adventure as a conference.


  • Sunday 2 September  – Live performances from 4pm. Opening welcome from 6pm.
  • Monday 3 September – Performing Arts Exchange day 1 / 1-11pm
  • Tuesday 4 September – Performing Arts Exchange day 2 / 10.30am-10.30pm
  • Wednesday 5 September – Making Space day 1/ 1-11pm
  • Thursday 6 September – Making Space day 2, Drover Awards and Conference dinner / 10am-midnight

Check out the video below for more details, and make sure you follow us on Facebook for updates.










Thank you to our 2018 partners without whom the conference and Performing Arts Exchange would not be possible.

APACA’s 31st annual performing arts conference “Outside, In” and our national Performing Arts Exchange [PAX] took place at The Concourse, Sydney between August 21-24 2017.

We were thrilled to welcome back Robyn Archer as both our ‘Thinker-In-Residence’ for the conference and MC for the Performing Arts Exchange

PAX was this year’s best opportunity to genuinely connect with artists, arts managers, programmers and other industry professionals from right across the country. Importantly, it’s also the prime platform to seek out the shows and projects that will feed your audiences over the coming years.

During Outside, In our international and local speakers focussed on innovative partnerships, we examined our unconscious biases and encouraged our industry to look outward beyond the ‘usual suspects’ and invite people into our business to make it richer and more diverse.

PAX and the PAC Australia conference continue to set the benchmark for intensive professional development and thought leadership in the industry.

At PAC Australia we’re all about connecting people with performance… so, no matter how you connect (or want to connect) with the arts industry, if you work as an independent artist, a major producer, with local government, a remote regional venue or a cultural icon there’s a great conversation to be had.






And a word from our PAX MC and conference Thinker-in-Residence, Robyn Archer:


(You don’t need to be a PAC Australia member to attend PAX or the conference, however significant discounts apply for members – click here for more info on how to join PAC Australia.)