Conference Material

Conference Material

2016 CONFERENCE – The New Normal.


Keynote Address

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Frahm
Organisation: Conversations of Change
Keynote: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal

Dr Jen Frahm at the 2016 APACA Conference, The New Normal from APACA on Vimeo.


Showcasing Creativity: Presenting First Nations Work

Speakers: Lydia Miller, Jackie Bailey, Hung-Yen Yang and Mandy Whitford

Showcasing Creativity: First Nations Work from APACA on Vimeo.



Keynote Address

Speaker: Kath Mainland
Organisation: Melbourne Festival
Keynote: The New Normal

APACA_2016_Conference Opening from APACA on Vimeo.


Breakout Session

Speakers: Rhoda Roberts, Lee-Ann Buckskin & Karilyn Brown
Topic: Getting It Right: Cultural Protocls for Presenting Work.

Cultural Protocols for Presenting Work – Presented at APACA 2016 from APACA on Vimeo.


Closing Panel

Speakers: Christine Dunstan, Anne-Marie Heath, David Anderson, Ben Graetz & John Knell
Topic: Where to Next? The Past, Present and Future of Presenting

Panel – Where to Next? The Past, Present and Future of Presenting from APACA on Vimeo.


Closing Remarks

Speaker: John Knell
Organisation: Intelligence Agency
Keynote: So, is there a New Normal?

John Knell – Is There A New Normal? from APACA on Vimeo.

2015 CONFERENCE – Mobilise: Creating Momentum.


Opening Keynote Address

Speaker: Michael M Kaiser
Organisation: DeVos Institute of Arts Management
Position: Chairman

Read the transcript here: Michael Kaiser Keynote


Did you miss Martin O’Shannessy’s Toolbox Tips presentation Nine Ways to the Truth? Download the presentation: APACA 2015 Nine ways to the truth.



Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Louise Herron AM
Organisation: Sydney Opera House
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Anna Marsden
Organisation: Queensland Ballet
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising Venues

Speaker: Greg Randall
Organisation: Randall Arts Management
Position: Director

Mobilising Venues. Greg Randall, Randall Arts Management from APACA on Vimeo.


Mobilising Venues

Speaker: Duncan M Webb
Organisation: Webb Management Services Inc
Position: President



Mobilising Audiences for Indigenous Arts – Panel Discussion

Speakers:     Lydia Miller (Moderator), Guy Boyce, Rachel Mazza, Rhoda Roberts



Mobilising Audiences for Indigenous Arts

Speakers: Amanda Coombe & Jody Evans



Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Lyndon Terracini AM
Organisation: Opera Australia
Position: Artistic Director

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising the Workplace

Speaker: Wendy McCarthy AO
Organisation: Circus Oz
Position: Chair



Mobilising the Workplace

Speaker: Matt Cowdry
Organisation: Think Productive
Position: Productivity Ninja



Mobilising the Industry

Speaker: David Magill
Organisation: GM Holden
Position: Director Government Relations & Public Policy



Mobilising Community

Speaker: Rosie Dennis
Organisation: Urban Theatre Projects
Position: Artistic Director / CEO



Mobilising Community

Speaker: Heather Dransfield
Organisation: Arts on Tour
Position: General Manager



Mobilising Community

Speaker: Jess Miller
Organisation: Goody Two Shoes



Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Mary Vallentine AO
Organisation: Melbourne Recital Centre
Position: CEO

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising the Industry

Speaker: Paul Oostig
Organisation: GetUp!
Position: Acting National Director




Performing Arts Exchange 2015 Feedback


PAX 2016




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