Conference Material

Conference Material

2017 CONFERENCE – Outside In

Video content from the 2017 conference is released progressively over the months following the conference (often coinciding with follow up webinars with conference speakers).


Why Creativity Matters (and not just on stage!)

Dee Madigan argues that commercial and political battles fought using branding and creativity is the only way to keep your brand strong. Potential audiences are increasingly time-poor and are constantly bombarded with information. Creativity within your organisations and in your communications is just as important as creativity on stage.

How do we create a want that people didn’t know they have? In this session, Dee shares the edge we all need when competing for audiences, public sentiment, for funding and for government protections.


The Middle Man

Acknowledging changes over recent years to tour development by state-funded agencies, is there now a gap in tour producing and/or artist management services? These roles are commonly filled by agents or artist managers across Europe and North America. What does this mean for Australian presenters, producers and tour development? What can we learn from the international experience, and where do the opportunities lie both internationally and domestically?

Speakers: Penny Watts, Oni Buchanan, David Lieberman, Justin Macdonnell


Getting Local Government to Give A Sh!t

We know how important Local Government support is for a lot of us. With rate capping and roads, rates and rubbish seemingly being on the top of their agenda, how do we connect with and inspire Local Government to build the value of what we do and encourage more support?

Speakers: Dee Madigan, Alison Dalziel, Chris Adams and Peter Ross



The Unmissables

Speaker: Benjamin Law

Murals are going up on the walls around Australia’s cities.
But they aren’t art. Or at least, they aren’t just art.

They’re part of a new project called The Unmissables, which seeks to draw attention to missing people, and to tell their stories.


On Disability in the Arts

Speaker: Sarah Houbolt

Sarah Houbolt’s work champions the importance of cultural leadership and getting specific around how we look at accessibility in education, employment, design and innovation.

Hear her experience of working in the arts as an advocate and artist with disability.




 2016 CONFERENCE – The New Normal.


Keynote Address

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Frahm
Organisation: Conversations of Change
Keynote: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal

Dr Jen Frahm at the 2016 APACA Conference, The New Normal from APACA on Vimeo.


Showcasing Creativity: Presenting First Nations Work

Speakers: Lydia Miller, Jackie Bailey, Hung-Yen Yang and Mandy Whitford

Showcasing Creativity: First Nations Work from APACA on Vimeo.



Keynote Address

Speaker: Kath Mainland
Organisation: Melbourne Festival
Keynote: The New Normal

APACA_2016_Conference Opening from APACA on Vimeo.


Breakout Session

Speakers: Rhoda Roberts, Lee-Ann Buckskin & Karilyn Brown
Topic: Getting It Right: Cultural Protocls for Presenting Work.

Cultural Protocols for Presenting Work – Presented at APACA 2016 from APACA on Vimeo.


Closing Panel

Speakers: Christine Dunstan, Anne-Marie Heath, David Anderson, Ben Graetz & John Knell
Topic: Where to Next? The Past, Present and Future of Presenting

Panel – Where to Next? The Past, Present and Future of Presenting from APACA on Vimeo.


Closing Remarks

Speaker: John Knell
Organisation: Intelligence Agency
Keynote: So, is there a New Normal?

John Knell – Is There A New Normal? from APACA on Vimeo.

2015 CONFERENCE – Mobilise: Creating Momentum.


Opening Keynote Address

Speaker: Michael M Kaiser
Organisation: DeVos Institute of Arts Management
Position: Chairman

Read the transcript here: Michael Kaiser Keynote


Did you miss Martin O’Shannessy’s Toolbox Tips presentation Nine Ways to the Truth? Download the presentation: APACA 2015 Nine ways to the truth.



Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Louise Herron AM
Organisation: Sydney Opera House
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Anna Marsden
Organisation: Queensland Ballet
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising Venues

Speaker: Greg Randall
Organisation: Randall Arts Management
Position: Director

Mobilising Venues. Greg Randall, Randall Arts Management from APACA on Vimeo.


Mobilising Venues

Speaker: Duncan M Webb
Organisation: Webb Management Services Inc
Position: President



Mobilising Audiences for Indigenous Arts – Panel Discussion

Speakers:     Lydia Miller (Moderator), Guy Boyce, Rachel Mazza, Rhoda Roberts



Mobilising Audiences for Indigenous Arts

Speakers: Amanda Coombe & Jody Evans



Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Lyndon Terracini AM
Organisation: Opera Australia
Position: Artistic Director

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising the Workplace

Speaker: Wendy McCarthy AO
Organisation: Circus Oz
Position: Chair



Mobilising the Workplace

Speaker: Matt Cowdry
Organisation: Think Productive
Position: Productivity Ninja



Mobilising the Industry

Speaker: David Magill
Organisation: GM Holden
Position: Director Government Relations & Public Policy



Mobilising Community

Speaker: Rosie Dennis
Organisation: Urban Theatre Projects
Position: Artistic Director / CEO



Mobilising Community

Speaker: Heather Dransfield
Organisation: Arts on Tour
Position: General Manager



Mobilising Community

Speaker: Jess Miller
Organisation: Goody Two Shoes



Mobilising Organisations

Speaker: Mary Vallentine AO
Organisation: Melbourne Recital Centre
Position: CEO

Presented by Session Partner Aegeus Arts Search


Mobilising the Industry

Speaker: Paul Oostig
Organisation: GetUp!
Position: Acting National Director




Performing Arts Exchange 2015 Feedback


PAX 2016




APACA 2013  Conference – Joel Tan’s keynote speech 


APACA 2012 Conference – Minister for the Arts Simon Crean


APACA 2012 Keynote Address – Fred Chaney AO